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Some argue that grunge music’s meteoric rise led to its eventual fantastic-flaming disintegration from general consciousness toward the end of the ‘90s; should we go with that argument, then finding its scattered fragments is a rare and beautiful experience indeed: enter Boston’s The Addition.

- New England Deli Magazine 


   Read the full review HERE


The Addition is an honest band that is challenging popular music by playing what they want to play, not what is fashionable at the moment. With their music, bite, and ambition, they’re giving the Boston music scene a refreshing reminder that grunge is far from dead.

- Sound Of Boston 

   Read the full spotlight HERE

The Addition is a four piece rock band from Boston, Massachusetts.


Inspired by bands like Led Zeppelin, Radiohead and Alice In Chains, we fuse together a raw, minimalist sound with high energy performances to remind our fans that the smoldering remains of Grunge have not been extinguished. 


Our goal for the future is to challenge traditional concepts within the genre of Rock and use our unique blend of influences to create music that is both  innovative and nostalgic. 

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Show Dates Coming Soon!

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